IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING CORONAVIRUS CARE FUND: Becoming a dues-paying NDWA member today will not, in and of itself, make you eligible to apply for the Coronavirus Care Fund at this time, unless you are already a participant in NDWA’s chapters, affiliates, or circles or an Alia user. We will be opening up the application process to all domestic workers in the coming weeks. You will be notified when the application is available and you can apply at that time.

You will automatically be charged $5 a month on today’s date. You can cancel at anytime. If you prefer to pay for the year, visit our Annual Membership page.

Please note: one of your benefits is a $5,000 term life insurance policy. In the form below, you will need to note who would you like to name as the beneficiary of your life insurance. Your beneficiary can be anyone you choose, and can live outside of the United States. You can also list as many beneficiaries as you’d like, as long as you note how much of your policy you would like to go to each beneficiary.